Why Resource Room being Owned and Led by Licensed Teachers MATTERS!

By October 7, 2021 No Comments

Resource Room Tutoring Center is Owned, Operated, and Instructionally Led by Licensed Educators. This is a point of fact that is an essential part of our business model.

While we choose to provide educational services in the private domain – make no mistake – that education as a career and profession is part of our defining characteristics.

Our licensure and combined years of classroom experience set us apart from other providers. Every one of the 5 Owners between both locations of Resource Room is a licensed educator. In fact – you can not rise to a managerial position within our organization if you are not licensed and have not worked in a Full – Time classroom setting for at least two years.

This is an important message for us to disseminate to our current and potential clients. It has come to our attention that other organizations cite minimal educational experience as a bullet point on their resume. Some other organizations are part of a franchise system that provides curriculum to the franchisee, who then administers such following a predetermined format. This is not the case at Resource Room – it has never been, and it never will be!

Rest assured when you choose to join Resource Room as a client that your student will be under the care and tutelage of experienced, licensed career educators with decades of combined service in the public school system.