TACHS Prep at The Resource Room

The TACHS Exam is for Admission into Catholic High Schools and is administered to students in November of their 8th Grade School Year.

100% of last year’s students received their first choice school!

Last Years’ SHSAT students were offered admission into SI Tech, Stuyvesant, and Brooklyn Tech

TACHS and SHSAT Offerings in Staten Island

We offer Private One-to-One (all year, by appointment) tutoring, as well as Small Group Instruction (Summer and Fall).

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  • 2019 Summer TACHS (Schedule to be posted January 2019)
  • 2019 Summer/Fall SHSAT (Schedule to be posted January 2019)
  • Fall 2019 TACHS Intensive (Schedule to be posted May 2019)

Summer 2019 TACHS Group Information

We offer 32 Hours of instruction to provide plenty of practice and focus heavily on timing and pacing in addition to content based instruction.

Many students report that the limited timing in each section of the TACHS exam is something they often struggle with.

Additionally, with family vacations taking place over the summer, this course ensures more than enough hours for comprehensive prep in case of some unavoidable absences. Students who can not attend a class will receive all homework and materials and can also attend the class at our other location.

Tuition for TACHS Summer Course will be $479 after an early registration discount if registered by April 1, 2019. Students who enroll in our summer course will also receive an enrollment discount for the Fall TACHS Refresher course offered in October and November.

TACHS Summer Courses Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Instruction (2 Classes Per Week)
  • 32 Hours of Instruction
  • 2 Full-Length Diagnostics  (Proctored and Timed)
  • All class and homework Materials included.

SHSAT Summer 2019 Schedule:

2 Sections Currently Booking. Tuition for the course is $999.

  • 42 Hours of Direct Instruction led by NYS Teachers
  • 3 Full-Length Diagnostics
  • All Practice Materials and Homework Included
  • The course begins in July and  runs right up to Exam


Courses are 5 Weeks with 10 Total Hours of Instruction.

Classes begin in early October and run up to the exam.

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While there are many options for TACHS prep on Staten Island The Resource Room has a distinguished approach:

  • Our rates for individual one-to-one sessions is highly competitive and taught only by licensed teachers with special skills in both ELA and Math.
  • Large class settings move at a quick pace and do not fit individual learning styles
  • We have licensed Special Education Teachers on staff and our work for Students with IEP’s is highly specialized and individualized.
  • Our sessions are focused, rigorous, and thorough.

When is the TACHS Exam and what does it test?

  • The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools is administered in November of the students 8th Grade School Year.
  • The exam consists of vocabulary, language fluency, reading comprehension, mathematics, logical and deductive reasoning, sequencing, and associations.
  • Each of these topics will be reviewed, practiced, and tested according to exam standards and student need.

We recommend visiting the following site by clicking on the link below. *Parents of students with IEP’s or 408’s should especially look at the tab “special needs” on the site*TACHS Info