Summer Bridge Programs at Resource Room Staten Island

Our Summer Bridge Instruction is One-on-One. We use this approach because summer vacation is the best time to move a student toward their academic goals. Private Tutoring allows us to tailor a unique academic program that can addresses issues from the previous academic year, introduce content for the next academic year, or provide a mixture of both.

Amazing academic progress can be made over the summer. Younger Students who worked with us last summer started school in September up two – three-letter levels in reading.

Summer vacation, while much needed, does have its drawbacks. Students do lose some fundamental Reading and Math skills over the summer this is known as “Summer Brain Drain.”

Our one-to-one approach not only ensures individualized and tailored instruction but also allows for great flexibility with scheduling. We work around your busy summer schedule with flexible hours and scheduling needs. You can schedule one or two hour sessions and choose the day and times that suit your family’s needs the best. Private Hours do book quickly for the summer.

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Students who Struggled the Previous Academic Year

Students who struggled this past year would benefit from our one-to-one sessions to focus on intensive Math and Literacy. First, we go back to the previous school years curriculum and adjust or reintroduce concepts that students were struggling with. We determine this through a comprehensive consultation with students and parents and we prepare a grade level diagnostic examination to better gauge the student’s needs.

Students with Satisfactory or Advanced Final Grades

Students who completed the academic year with satisfactory or advanced levels of understanding would benefit greatly from an introduction to the next years curriculum in ELA and Mathematics. Introducing mathematical concepts over the summer aids in the transition into the next grade level and assures that your child will not fall behind in the next academic year. Additionally, students who have worked with us over the summer generally see a 10 to 15 point bump on their Math average when they return to school!

Summer Assignments and Work Packets

Summer assignments, while often dreaded by parents and students, do serve a valuable purpose. However, often times parents struggle to complete the work with their children as both the parent and student may be unfamiliar with some of the content. Don’t stress! We will work with students of all ages from K – 12 on completing all summer assignments and guarantee your child will leave with a leg up on the next academic year.