PSAT/NMSQT Prep at The Resource Room

One of the biggest hurdles in preparing for the SAT or ACT exams is in the preparation. Freshman and sophomore students are encouraged to start prepping in the summer after their 9th grade year. The more students see the exam, the more comfortable they are.

If a student feels at ease about a topic they are more receptive about any details it may entail. PSAT prep includes going over etymology, strategies, vocabulary, and working up to analogies, associations, as well as mathematics.

Sophomore year introduces students to the PSAT for the first time. This test is important and many students do not prepare for this exam with a sense of urgency. In the past the PSAT was generally regarded as practice. This is still the case, however a high score on the PSAT could qualify students for National Merit Based Scholarships. Over the past 10 years Private College tuition has nearly doubled and scholarship assistance is more important now for families than ever before. Proper PSAT prep could help qualify a student for a significant financial reward down the line. 

Our PSAT tutoring and prep program focuses on:

  • Introducing students to the basics of the exam
  • providing quality strategies for test taking
  • Stamina and Focus drills
  • Practice Tests, at home assignments, and personalized instruction in Center

For more information about the PSAT we suggest looking at the following page:

*source – The College Board*