Private Tutoring (One to One Sessions) in All Subjects

Private Tutoring conducted on a one–to–one basis is the most effective way to improve grades and performance in the classroom. Our tutors use very specific diagnostic examinations to evaluate the grade level and content knowledge of each individual student when necessary. We will tailor an education program specific to each child’s needs and academic goals.

Students who are on or below grade level in any given subject will grow and progress most when working in a one–to–one setting.

Private Tutoring for Elementary Age Students:

Grades 1–2:

Students in First and Second Grade are in the process of developing academic fundamentals. Building fundamental skills in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) are the most important. Math and ELA skills are the building blocks of all subject areas including social studies and science.
Private one – to – one sessions for students in First and Second Grades work on building or, in some cases, rebuilding the most basic Math and Language skills necessary for academic growth.

Private Sessions for students in Grades One and Two provide an academic rigor and structure that is often not achieved in the large classroom setting during the day.

Grades 3–5:

Students in Grades Three–Five will begin preparing for and taking State Mandated Exams that are necessary for promotion to the next grade. These exams can be very stressful for both young students and their parents. Our private one–to–one sessions specifically target the unique and individual needs of each student. Through a targeted approach we make sure students receive exactly the instruction they need for success in the classroom and on the State Mandated Exams.

Grades 6–8:

Middle School students are introduced to academic content that is more complicated and dense than students at the elementary level. Success at the middle school level is more likely when students enter on or near grade level.

Students who need to rebuild basic Math or ELA skills or who are looking to achieve greater academic success will benefit greatly from private tutoring. This is especially true if your child will be prepping for the SHSAT for entry into NYC Specialized High Schools or the TACHS Exam for entry into the Catholic High School system.

Private One-to-One TACHS and SHSAT Prep for 7th and 8th Grade Students:

Private tutoring for the TACHS and SHSAT can be done as a standalone class if you and your child are only interested in either Catholic or Public High School Education. Students exploring both options Private One – to –One sessions can be combined to teach the content necessary for both the TACHS and the SHSAT Examinations.

We tailor our instruction to meet individual needs. This means if a student is interested in a Catholic High School on Staten Island or is looking to go to a specialized High School like Staten Island Technical H.S. or Stuyvesant we can create a program to fit the requirements for both examinations.
See our dedicated TACHS and SHSAT pages for more information…

High School Aged Students:

We offer private one-to-one sessions for the following High School Subjects:

  • Math
  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • A.P. Calculus
  • Science
  • Living Environment
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Physics
  • A.P. Biology
  • A.P. Chemistry
  • A.P. Physics
  • Social Studies
  • Global History I and II
  • American History
  • A.P. World History
  • A.P. American History
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • All English Classes from Freshman through Senior Year
  • ELA Regents Exam Prep

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