The Resource Room was founded on the belief that tutoring should be personalized, individualized, and targeted.

Our approach to learning is based on years of classroom experience. Owned and operated by licensed teachers we implement the most current and effective teaching models proven to increase student performance.

First, we use our own targeted diagnostic assessments to gauge student knowledge before ever recommending a program or curriculum. We use the results of the Free Diagnostic assessment to personalize a tutoring program and schedule based solely on each child’s specific needs.

Benchmark Assessments and Diagnostics are tools teachers use to determine if a student is:

  • Below grade level
  • Meeting grade level requirements
  • Exceeding curriculum standards.

Each content area has its own type of assessment. Every student who visits The Resource Room will receive a free personalized diagnostic assessment to measure his or her specific needs. Our Benchmark and Diagnostic Assessments are proprietary. We create them from start to finish using information from years of teaching experience. 

We guarantee that the results of your child’s benchmark or diagnostic testing will provide an accurate assessment of their grade level in the subject area tested. The Resource Room teachers will never recommend a blanket tutoring program. Our recommendations are based on data and are meant to identify specific areas of need.

Second, our approach to tutoring is structured in a way that increases classroom performance in all subject areas; regardless of the subject covered in our sessions. We introduce proven study techniques into our curriculum and provide students with targeted practice questions in between sessions. These techniques help to improve overall student performance. This is why the Resource Room is the place “Where Comprehension and Content Connect.”

Finally, we guarantee results and offer students additional hours at no extra cost if they are struggling to understand a concept. Additionally, because we offer tutoring in so many different subject areas, we are always willing to help students in any subject they need assistance with no additional obligation. So if you are here for Physics, but you your child has a test in U.S History the net day…we are able to immediately provide assistance in any subject at any time.

We are staffed only by licensed teachers, and the owners are master teachers with the most up to date information about current testing practices and techniques to master achievement.

We are the most complete and comprehensive learning center on Staten Island offering a wider range of services with the most dedicated and accomplished professionals on staff. Rest assured we can meet any and all of your child’s learning needs.