Tips for Students Heading Back to School

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Back to School for children of all ages can be stressful and overwhelming. Here are some tips from the teachers at The Resource Room Staten Island for helping with the transition from summer vacation back to school.

1. Start to put your child back on a school year bedtime and wake up schedule at least one week before the start of the school year

2. Don’t be fooled by back to school advertising. The focus should not be heading to Staples for 52 cent notebooks or Target for the latest back to school fashions. Have frequent but succinct discussions with your child about their goals for the school year. Lay out your expectations for good grades, appropriate behavior, and achieving success in a concise conversation. Children have a short attention span and if it feels like a lecture instead of a conversation you may loose their attention. Having the child be an active part of the conversation is key to academic success.

3. Lay out a schedule of how their week and weekends will look during the school year. Many students who are involved in extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, dance, etc…are often pressed for time and have parents pressed for time as well. Set out a dedicated time for homework and studying. Also let them know when and how long they will have down time. Down time is essential for them to relax and re-coop for the next day or week .

4. Saturday is a good day to let your child be a kid. Sunday is a good day for setting up the schedule for the next week. Expectations should be set with a brief but firm conversation. Additionally, work in the prospect of minor but high interest rewards for following the schedule and meeting expectations.

5. Always have students, no matter what age, doing homework and studying in at the kitchen table, home office, or somewhere else in the home where they can be monitored occasionally. Students who do homework in their bedrooms often take frequent breaks, loose track of time, or are tempted to surf the web, watch TV, or lay in bed. These are all distractions that will result in the child loosing focus and failing to appropriately reinforce the lessons from the school day.

Follow these steps and you will see drastic improvements in student performance. Implementing these steps in a timely and consistent manner will help the “Back to School” transition feel seamless and ultimately productive.

This post was provided by the Resource Room Staten Island. A place Where Comprehension and Content Connect.

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