Why should I choose a Summer Bridge Program for my child?

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About our Summer Bridge Program Approach…

Our Summer Bridge Instruction is One-on-One. Summer vacation is the best time to move a student toward their academic goals. Private Tutoring allows us to tailor a unique academic program that can addresses issues from the previous academic year, introduce content for the next academic year, or provide a mixture of both.

Amazing academic progress can be made over the summer. Younger Students who worked with us last summer started school in September increased their reading by two – three-letter levels.

Summer vacation, while much needed, does have its drawbacks. Students do lose some fundamental Reading and Math skills over the summer this is known as “Summer Brain Drain.”

Our one-to-one approach not only ensures individualized and tailored instruction but also allows for great flexibility with scheduling. We work around your busy summer schedule with flexible hours and scheduling needs. You can schedule one or two hour sessions and choose the day and times that suit your family’s needs. Private Hours do book quickly for the summer.

Please call or email us for more information. 

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