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Join Resource Room’s STEAM Programs for students year round

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics Education

Resource Room is proud to bring high quality and cutting-edge STEAM Programs for all children ages 5 through 14. Taught at our Forest Avenue Location or at Wagner College we offer a variety of programs throughout the school year and the summer.

We work to bring scientific and engineering based instruction into everyday experiences.  Whether learning through the eyes of an engineer, robotics designer, physicist, geologist, or ecologist every session can offer new experiences.

As a team, students will build, design, and explore how their creations can be used to solve real-world problems within the areas of design, construction, and physical environment.

Children who attend The Resource Room STEAM programs also dispel stereotypes about who can excel in science.  All boys and girls attending classes understand that science learning is simply fun for everyone.  It does not matter how old you are, your learning level, or what gender you may be.

The Resource Room’s STEAM team’s Schedule is updated throughout the year. 

Visit our STEAM Page for more information: Resource Room STEAM Programs at both Forest Ave and Wagner College


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