S.T.E.M. Programs at Resource Room


  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education
  • Resource Room partners with Wagner College’s Department of Lifelong Learning to provide a full line of instructional courses that includes LEGO Robotics Classes
  • Resource Room is the only learning center on Staten Island currently partnered with an accredited college.
  • Multiple offerings throughout the year.
  • Classes held at both Wagner College and Resource Room Forest Avenue

In a technology based world, early exposure to such disciplines is advantageous to your child’s academic success. We invite you to explore one or all of our S.T.E.M programs listed below this semester.



Resource Room is proud to bring high quality and cutting-edge S.T.E.M Programs for all children ages 5 through 13. Taught at our 534 Forest Avenue location.

The Resource Room’s after school and summer S.T.E.M Programs engage students in real-world science and engineering.  Our instruction targets skills like problem-solving, creative -thinking, decision making, classifying,  and team building. All of our programs are hands-on and engaging for children between the ages of 5 through 13.

We work to bring scientific and engineering based instruction into everyday experiences.  Whether learning through the eyes of an engineer, robotics designer, physicist, geologist, or ecologist, every session will provide experience in many disciplines of science.

As a team, students will build, design, and explore how their creations can be used to solve real-world problems within the design, construction, and environmental realms.

Please Contact us by Phone at (718) 838-0085 to register.

Programs Ages vary. Programs are offered throughout the year for children ages 5 – 13:

  • Our group sessions are never overcrowded. This allows for collaboration, plenty of individual attention from instructors, and advancement of group thinking and communication skills.
  • Our classes are Taught by NYS Licensed Teachers
  • Our classes are targeted to encourage advancement in STEM coursework but also foster creativity and group collaboration.


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