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SHSAT Prep at Resource Room – What You Need to Know

By July 25, 2019 No Comments

What is the SHSAT?

The SHSAT Exam is administered in October to students in their 8th Grade year that are interested in attending one of New York City’s specialized High Schools. Staten Island residents mostly apply to S.I. Technical High School, but many also seek admission into Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn Technical High School. The exam consists to Math and Verbal sections. The entire exam time is 180 minutes length.

Why should my child take the SHSAT?

  • To gain admission into one of New York City’s specialized high schools.
  • To expand their math and verbal skills.
  • To introduce them to the timing constraints they will face on many upcoming timed exams in High School.

Why should we seek tutoring for the SHSAT?

There are a few reasons why students and parents elect to engage in SHSAT tutoring. The main reason is because there are several math topics and concepts on the exam that are not taught as part of the 7th grade curriculum. Additionally, the test is timed and many students need training to handle the time constraints since they are not used to testing under such conditions.

Even the State Math and ELA exams that all NYS students take in April and May are untimed. Finally, there are no calculators permitted on the SHSAT, so the need to build a student’s fundamental mental math skills in imperative for success on the SHSAT.

Why should I choose Resource Room for SHSAT Prep in Staten Island?

Resource Room Tutoring Center has developed a strong reputation for fostering student results in all academic content areas. Our Staten Island SHSAT prep is delivered by the owners of Resource Room: two master teachers that are both dually licensed NYS teachers and hold two graduate degrees each.

Working with hundreds of students each academic year, every year Resource Room has many students admitted into specialized high schools, and we consistently have students who score significantly above the cutoff score. Please see our reviews on Google or visit the Meet the Team section on our website to learn more about our results and our credentials.

Does the SHSAT count for admission into Catholic High Schools?

No, it does not. Admission into Catholic High School is determined by both the TACHS exam (administered the first Friday in November of the 8th grade year) and their grades from their 7th and 8th grade academic years.

Is admission into specialized high schools competitive?

Yes, it is. Students who are offered admission into these schools generally are serious students who strive to achieve academic excellence. Without dedication to proper prep for the exam, either with a tutor or on their own, they will struggle to compete with other students who have seriously prepped for the exam many months before it is even administered.