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Resource Room Staten Island SAT Tutoring – Why Us?

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Staten Island SAT Tutoring — Why Resource Room?

It is true that many places and many tutors offer SAT exam prep, but not all of them have the qualifications, experience, and reputation of Resource Room. We consistently raise student scores by an average of 225 points. Our classes are focused, intense, and effective. Taught by two of the owners, the Resource Room has established a 5 Star reputation with hundreds of students taking to Google to report the effectiveness of our program. We have two convenient tutoring center locations in Staten Island, Resource Room at 2481 Richmond Road, and Resource Room at 534 Forest Ave.

When should I take the SAT?

Many students are told that they must take the SAT in March or May of their Junior year of High School. While there are good reasons behind this advice, it may not be the right course of action for all students. With the introduction of the August SAT two summers ago, many students are adjusting their SAT schedule and front-load their SAT’s to the beginning of Junior year and many others wait to start the process after Junior year is over. With SAT exams offered in August, October, November, and December the beginning of the school year provides four opportunities in five months to take the exam. In contrast, March, May and June SAT exams often fall in the middle of school midterm exams, finals, Regents, and AP exams. This is often a busy time for most Juniors and studying for the SAT during this part of the academic year may not be the best option for all students.

What are Resource Room’s stats? Results-Driven SAT Prep in Staten Island.

Okay, we are going to get a little bit complicated here. The average score increase (based on over 125 students in March of 2019) was 225 points. The standard deviation from the mean was 68.5. A smaller standard deviation means that most students scored close to the mean of a 225-point increase with the lowest increase 155 points and a high end increase of 293 points. Every year we have students that increase their score over 300 points. This is possible with hard work, practice and repetition. Students whose scores are towards the lower end generally did not dedicate enough time to independent practice.

How do I sign up for SAT Prep in Staten Island, and what types of tutoring are offered at Resource Room?

We generally recommend calling us and booking a consultation. Consultations are free of charge and during that meeting we will ask you several questions to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, academic history, and goals. We will then guide you as to the best approach moving forward. We offer private one-on-one tutoring throughout the year and we have two group classes: January and August. We offer multiple sections on various days and times and we have an online student login with access to materials, lessons, and quizzes. How you proceed should be based on what you need and what score you are ultimately aiming for. SAT prep is not “one size fits all”; every student is unique and their approach to SAT should be tailored to their individual needs.

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