Licensed and Tenured to teach grades 7-12 in Mathematics and Science, Sam is a dual degree holder and specializes in High School level Math and Science. Providing instruction up to and including Calculus and Advanced Placement Physics and Chemistry, Sam has years of experience in both the classroom and private instruction.

As the lead instructor and owner of both Resource Room locations, Sam regularly delivers the highest quality instruction in all academic subjects. In addition, Sam is the preeminent SAT Math tutor and regularly has students achieving vast improvements in their math scores with many students breaking and exceeding the 700 mark each year. Sam has years of classroom experience and has been consistently rated a Highly Effective teacher under the current evaluation system and worked for many years as the Regents testing coordinator at the high school level. With a record of academic distinction behind her and years of classroom and instructional experience Sam works with students on all levels helping them reach their full academic potential.


Licensed and Tenured Joe holds a B.S. from Lafayette College, an M.P.A. from American University, and an MSEd from Brooklyn College. He specializes in instruction from the Elementary through the High School levels. As owner and lead instructor of both Resource Room locations, Joe specializes in general and special education instruction for all students. Additionally, Joe has an impressive track record working with students in A.P. World History, A.P. U.S. History, Regents based history exams, K – 12 ELA, SAT Verbal, TACHS, and SHSAT.

With a strong affinity for writing, college essay services are a unique and special area Joe excels in. A large contingent of students each year seek Joe’s advisement and assistance as they work through the College Admissions process each year. With over 10 years of classroom and individualized instructional experience, Joe has and continues to work closely with students on all academic levels.


Deric is one of the owners of Resource Room on Forest Avenue. He is an Assistant Principal and a licensed teacher with over 20 years of educational experience. Deric brings a unique skills set and a plethora of educational experience that has helped him guide students and parents on a path of success in a number of academic and educational areas.

With years of experience running STEAM programs, Deric coordinates and runs all of our STEAM programs with an emphasis on creating a fun, educational, and inviting atmosphere. With a focus on team building and communication, his STEAM programs have engaged thousands of students over the years and brought them to a new and greater understanding of Science, Math, and Engineering.

Deric is available to provide expert educational support and guidance to help students and parents plan for the future and to help them gain a much greater understanding of the academic requirements of the NYC school system and the Common Core curriculum.

Resource Room is proud to have had Deric join our team as he brings an unparalleled level of experience and expertise to our Forest Avenue location!


Gavin is a licensed and practicing teacher providing instruction in all subjects for students K – 8 and specializes in high school Math and Science. With years of experience providing instruction and an inviting personality Gavin is a very popular instructor at our Forest Avenue location and has a track record of vastly improving student performance.


Brittany is a licensed and practicing teacher at the middle school level and has an impressive track record of success with students at the Elementary and Middle School levels. Working to deliver instruction in ELA, Math, and TACHS Brittany is a rising star in our organization and highly sought after. Working at both locations Brittany has an extensive client base and works with students on all academic levels.


Gerry did his pre-medical studies at Columbia University, and holds two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. in molecular biology and microbiology from St. John’s University. He has spent years teaching pharmacy and nursing students at St. John’s University and at Manhattan College. He continues to teach math, chemistry, biology, and physics and has over 25 years of experience delivering instruction in these subjects. Gerry is highly experienced and a valuable member of the Resource Room staff. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he is a highly sought after teacher.


Kristyn graduated with her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from New York University in 2006. Since then, she has focused her career on working with school-aged children in a variety of capacities while gaining certifications in Handwriting without Tears, The Print Tool and DIR Floortime. She has also received training in Orton Gillingham, Wilson’s Fundations and a variety of sensory processing/self-regulation programs including Zones of Regulation and The Alert Program. Kristyn’s professional and personal background provides a unique tutoring experience which builds on students’ strengths and empowers them to not only gain academic skills but also self-confidence.


Steve is a licensed practicing teacher specializing in high school Common Core Algebra and K-8 Math and ELA instruction. With years of experience in both the classroom and private instruction Steve consistently provides instruction with patience and precision. Students love working with Steve and he works with students on all levels. Working with us to teach Algebra, TACHS, and SHSAT Steve has a diverse skill set that helps his students consistently achieve great success.


Erik specializes in high school math and science. A high achieving student, Erik was awarded a significant scholarship to NJIT and has worked with Resource Room for many years. He is highly sought after as his personality and strong academic background in both Math and Science make him a highly sought after instructor. He works with students on a variety of levels and his clients always show vast improvement in both their academic subjects and SAT. Erik works with students seeking assistance with AP Physics, AP Chem, Calculus, and SAT/ACT Math. Erik’s years of success with so many clients has made him a top choice for many of our students.   


Smyth is a licensed practicing Math teacher at the high school level. Smyth joined our team and immediately had a significant impact on our students. Smyth holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MSEd in Education. With over 20 years of experience providing technical training to engineers and over 10 years of classroom experience in the NYCDOE Smyth has a unique ability to deliver instruction for all levels of high school math. With a focus on Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry Smyth maintains a consistent client base and students continue to request to sit with him as they move through their high school years. He is a valued member of our team who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.