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2481 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, NY 10306

Phone: (718) 873-5323

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Resource Room – North Shore

534 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

Phone: (718) 838-0085

Email: [email protected]

We speak English, Spanish and Arabic.

Nosotros hablamos español.
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We speak English, Spanish & Arabic.
Nosotros hablamos español.
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SAT Tutoring at Resource Room:

One-on-One or Small Class Instruction

The SAT is one of the main determining factors for College Admission. Our SAT Prep is of the highest quality and taught ONLY by licensed teachers with years of SAT Prep experience.

  • Private one-to-one SAT and ACT tutoring can be scheduled year-round at both Richmond Road and Forest Avenue locations.

August 2018 Summer IntensiveSAT Class

Registration now Open. 

Schedules for Both Locations Below. Register below or Contact Us at 718-873-5323 or 718-838-0085

Forest Avenue Schedule   
Monday, July 30, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Tuesday, July 31, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Wednesday,August 01,20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Thursday, August 02, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Friday, August 03, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Monday, August 06, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Tuesday, August 07, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Wednesday,August 08,20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Thursday, August 09, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Friday, August 10, 20184:00-6:00pmverbalForest Ave
Monday, August 13, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Tuesday, August 14, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Wednesday, August 15, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Thursday, August 16, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Friday, August 17, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Monday, August 20, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Tuesday, August 21, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Wednesday, August 22, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Thursday, August 23, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Friday, August 24, 20184:00-6:00pmMathForest Ave
Richmond Road Schedule
Monday, July 30, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Tuesday, July 31, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Wednesday,August 01,20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Thursday, August 02, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Friday, August 03, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Monday, August 06, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Tuesday, August 07, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Wednesday,August 08,20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Thursday, August 09, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Friday, August 10, 20184:00-6:00pmMathRichmond Road
Monday, August 13, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Tuesday, August 14, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Wednesday, August 15, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Thursday, August 16, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Friday, August 17, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Monday, August 20, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Tuesday, August 21, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Wednesday, August 22, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Thursday, August 23, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road
Friday, August 24, 20184:00-6:00pmVerbalRichmond Road

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What distinguishes the Resource Room’s Private (One-to-One) SAT Approach?

  • Our students consistently achieve a 200-250 point increase after prepping with us.
  • Our Private SAT Prep program is determined by the individual needs of the student.
  • We use the highest quality Diagnostic Tests to determine what level the student is on and where they need help
  • Each session is structured to meet individual needs, we introduce strategies specific to their learning style
  • Periodic assessments measure progress and we conference with Parents and Student immediately after
  • We guarantee the same tutor throughout the duration of the program. All are licensed teachers with extensive experience.
  • We use cutting-edge techniques and drills to maximize timing, strategy, and stamina.
  • After every session we provide a breakdown of each topic covered, explain the next steps, and  assign practice assignments

What does the SAT Test Cover?


SAT Verbal focuses on critical reading and grammar editing skills.


SAT Math relies heavily on basic arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and applied math.

This course will also include a discussion of the effective use of a graphing calculator. We recommend and use the Texas Instruments version.


SAT Writing focuses Grammar usage and essay writing skills

We Recommend…

We highly recommend one-to-one tutoring for students who are below grade level, who struggle with Math or Writing in school, have Special Education Needs, or who have test anxiety. We work to build confidence, focus and most importantly Stamina. The SAT is a four (3) hour examination (possibly six (6) hours for students who receive extended time). Maintaining focus for such a length of time is key to high performance on the exam. This is often overlooked by most tutors and centers.

For students on or above grade level, we recommend small class instruction. Small class instruction works well for students who have performed well on the PSAT, have excelled in Math and ELA in school, and who need refined skills and advanced strategies.

You will find that our sessions are high energy, individualized, and promote focus, organization, and confidence.

We Guarantee Results and Progress that will open a host of new college opportunities for our students!