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We speak English, Spanish & Arabic.
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OLSAT Prep for Pre-K-12th Grade Students

The OLSAT exam (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test), the gifted and talented program, is a test of abstract thinking and reasoning ability of children PreK-ages 18.

The exam has five sections:

  1. Verbal Comprehension: Verbal Comprehension tests assess whether you know the meanings of words and how broad a vocabulary you have at your disposal.
  2. Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning is the Ability to verbally compare and contrast words. This may also include vocabulary which is simply giving a verbal definition to a word. In a verbal reasoning test, you are usually provided with a section of text followed by one or more statements.
  3. Pictorial Reasoning: Pictorial Reasoning is planning and predicting what will occur next in a visual sequence.
  4. Figural Reasoning: Figural Reasoning is basically Puzzles. The puzzles can be totally visually based or combine visual/perceptual skills.
  5. Quantitative Reasoning: Quantitative Reasoning is Math Based. Word Problems, basic math, applied math and numerical sequencing according to a specific rule.

This test is designed to asses areas that are not taught in school and usually measures a student’s cognitive growth from year-to-year.

What are the benefits of students taking the OLSAT?

  • Qualifies your child for entry into Honors Classes, Magnet Programs, Magnets School, Superintendent Program and more.
  • Students who do well on the OLSAT are placed in more challenging and advanced programs that potentially lead to higher academic achievement.

Why should we choose The Resource Room prep?

  • We are staffed only by licensed practicing teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the content and skills necessary to succeed on the exam.
  • We work to instill confidence in students and ready them for advanced academic success.
  • Our teachers have experience teaching all age groups where as other centers focus only on particular age groups.
  • We work with the younger students with same efficiency and instructional rigor as we do with students in higher grade levels.
  • We set a tone of success that is applicable to all subject areas throughout their academic career.

The Resource Room recommends visiting the following site by clicking on the link below:

If you feel your child is in this advanced category visit us for a free diagnostic and help them rise to the next level in their development. We are confident that our personalized approach will lead to success you and your child we be proud of.