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We speak English, Spanish & Arabic.
Nosotros hablamos español.
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Homework Help

The best way to save money on tutoring services for your child is to plan ahead before your child is struggling in class.

Students who enroll in our Homework Help programs accomplish two very important tasks:

  • Students increase their comprehension of the content through a focused one-to-one session with an expert teacher in that subject area.
  • Students build and develop excellent study habits through private instruction. This way when their classroom teacher tells your child to go home and study…they know exactly what that means and how they should be doing it.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in Homework Help classes?

Simple! Most students do not know how to study correctly. Classroom teachers are there to teach content NOT study habits. Study habits should be developed from a very young age and often times students who breeze through easier content in the early years of education are shocked when they see something they can’t easily absorb. Once the homework becomes too time consuming for parents to assist with….this is where we step in. One hour classes that are affordably priced allow students to both complete ALL homework assignments and build those fundamental study skills that are necessary for success in the classroom now and moving forward.

Shouldn’t I just get a tutor when my child is struggling?

No! Education is like anything else in life…preemptive action is always the best approach. You wouldn’t wait until your car stalls before you get an oil change right? Students who complete all homework assignments in all subject areas increase their overall average in each class by 20 points or more. Take into account that as they complete all homework assignments they are absorbing the content into their long-term memory. Homework help provides: structure, rigor, and increases comprehension. We make sure they are completing all of their assignments and make sure they understand the content completely.

My child tells me he or she only has a half hour of homework per night…why would I pay for homework help?

On average students should have between one to two hours of homework per night. This increases if you count in the time that should be spent studying for exams or quizzes. We make sure your child is completing all assignments by emailing with teachers, working with parents, and teaching the student how to organize and manage their workload. Additionally, we work with each student on making sure they absorb each topic. This way when the classroom teacher moves on to the next topic they are not already behind.

I don’t think my child’s teacher assigns enough homework…?

No problem for the teachers at the Resource Room. Since we are staffed only by licensed teachers…we have no problem providing your child with assignments that reinforce the content taught in class and in our sessions.