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We speak English, Spanish & Arabic.
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College Application Process:

College Admissions can be overwhelming. We work to lessen the stress and confusion associated with applying to college.

While In-School College office and counselors offer as much help as they can, they are simply overwhelmed and inundated with material. We cater your college portfolio to ensure all resources are met before the deadlines. This includes, but is not limited to, recommendations, transcripts, financial aid information, volunteer work, community service, and more.

One of the most important decisions students and their parents must make is which colleges or universities would be the right fit. Factors to consider include:

  • Student GPA
  • Student SAT/ACT Scores
  • Completeness of Application Portfolio
  • Financial Cost of Attendance

These decisions can be overwhelming at first; but proper planning is essential. Mr. C, the Director of The Resource Room College Office has years of experience as a College Admissions Officer at the University level and has been a Senior Adviser at the H.S. level. His experience working at the University has provided an inside understanding of the formulas colleges and Universities use for the admissions process. His expertise is unique and distinct from other providers.

Schedule an appointment today either by phone or through our website!

When should we start looking at Colleges?

H.S. Sophomores

Sophomore year introduces students to the PSAT for the first time. This test is important and many students do not prepare for this exam with a sense of urgency. In the past the PSAT was generally regarded as practice. This is still the case, however a high score on the PSAT could qualify students for National Merit Based Scholarships. Over the past 10 years Private College tuition have nearly doubled and scholarship assistance is more important now for families than ever before. Proper PSAT prep could help qualify a student for a significant financial reward down the line.

Our PSAT tutoring and prep program focuses on:

  • Introducing students to the basics of the exam
  • providing quality strategies for test taking
  • Stamina and Focus drills
  • Practice Tests, at home assignments, and personalized instruction in Center

H.S. Juniors

High School Juniors are encouraged to come and meet with our staff as soon as possible. We will facilitate the process of looking at colleges, their requirements, tuition, and how to boost up your college application to make you a strong and distinguished applicant.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we will provide an individualized plan to fit your child’s needs with personal attention and a comprehensive plan of action including Intensive SAT Prep taught by experience professionally licensed teachers with years of SAT Prep knowledge.

H.S. Seniors:

This is the most intense time for students applying to college. Applications must be packaged and sent out and students have one last chance at the SAT in the very beginning of their Senior Year.

Whether your son or daughter has been active in the process or is a little behind we tailor our admissions services to help every student find the right college or university either locally or nationally. We help students and parents at this stage explore all of the necessary elements of making the most academically and financially sound decision.

U.S. News is a great source to give you some basic information about the process:

U.S. News Info

Scholarship Help:

By far, one of the toughest issues families are facing is how to cover the cost of rising tuition. Our facility has compiled a survey of over two hundred scholarships that qualify students on financial need, academic merit, leadership qualities, athletic ability, community service, music ability, scientific aptitude as well as future goals. Our goal is simple, there is money to be had out there, having a relationship with The Resource Room is one step in securing finances towards your college education.

Please see the following link from Gettysburg College a Premier Liberal Arts Institution in Pennsylvania:

Scholarship Info